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What is Vitiligo Treatment and How It is Cured The vitiligo is a skin disorder in which white patches appears on the skin, or on different parts of the body. It happens due to the destroyed melanocytes cells in the skin which are responsible for pigment synthesis. These cells are known as melanocytes, the vitiligo can also affects the mucous membranes such as inside the mouth and nose. Vitiligo is a social curse, a skin disorder which greatly affects your exterior looks and makes people embrace while moving out and meeting other people. It hampers your social life also. We at Renova skin clinic are committed to provide best vitiligo treatment in Jaipur and it’s a boon for those who are suffering from this skin disorder. The new advance Laser Treatment for Vitiligo in Jaipur is prescribed form of a treatment that can actually give best results. The laser treatment is the latest effective and quickest treatment to cure vitiligo, there are various centers available for vitiligo but vitiligo treatment in Renova through ultra modern equipments greatly differs from vitiligo treatment that other clinics are providing in Jaipur. Other vitiligo treatment clinics use different painful surgical procedure to cure, such as skin grafting while at Renova vitiligo disease is treated almost non surgically where you don’t have to worry about the painful treatment by Nbuvb phototherapy & excimer 308 laser, also puva therapy. Vitiligo Disease Treatment Clinic in Jaipur Our phototherapy treatment for vitiligo in Jaipur is considered to be the best treatment for anyone who is suffering from vitiligo. The new mechanism with advanced technology and team of experienced dermatologist provides the great cautions in the treatment and always try to satisfy patients with desired results. The phototherapy Vitiligo Treatment in Jaipur, is helping many vitiligo patients to give back their social life and confidence. The vitiligo Treatment clinics are numerous but very few of them are following latest treatment methods to cure vitiligo. The Vitiligo Treatment in Jaipur through the exciter laser 308nm, including the fiber optic device that focus the beam of light on the vitiligo affected area on patient’s skin. That stimulates the melanocytes, skin color cells and the non- functional melanocytes starts production of melanin which results in re-pigmentation of the skin and removes white patches. Our experienced team of dermatologists focuses on the specific goals of the regular and ideal treatment to provide the positive results. Our Vitiligo Disease Treatment in Jaipur and in India has been proven trusted and reliable by the reviews given from our patients so far. Why Come To Renova Clinic in Jaipur For Vitiligo Disease Treatment In the laser technology oriented vitiligo treatment clinics, the procedure is conducted with the great care and medical limitation. The focused beam of laser light won’t be allowed to reach up to harmful level. Since we have followed the best methods to use the laser technology with effective usage and care that’s why our vitiligo treatment in jaipur provided best results to our all patients. The demand of Laser treatment for Vitiligo in Jaipur has increasing due to rising of vitiligo patients, and this technology giving them a hope to carry out normal living among the people around them. The skin disorder treatment is old but since the use of advanced procedures, the possibilities to get completely cure is improving. Renova has build up a reputation in the treatment of vitiligo disease in Jaipur. Besides phototherapy we are pioneer in melanocyte cell suspension grafting which is a surgical technique, where a piece of skin tissue of a size of 1/10 size is taken from donor area, & processed & treated in laboratory to produce a melanocyte rich suspension, which is transplanted on the white areas after dermabrasion .Which is almost painless & does not require general anesthesia.



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