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WHAT TO EXPECT WITH BOTOX ® COSMETIC TREATMENT Real, noticeable results—you may begin to notice results within 24 to 48 hours for treatment of moderate to severe frown lines. Results may vary. Some patients report that being injected with BOTOX® Cosmetic feels like a pinch. The actual injection time takes ≈ 10 minutes.BOTOX - For best experience of antiwrinkle injection, botox treatment , wrinkle treatment contact renova skin clinic
LASER TONING GIVES FAIRNESS, SMOOTHNESS AND GETS RID OF PIGMENTATION AND LARGE PORES. The Helios III is the latest, upgraded Q-switch Nd-Yag laser from Laseroptek. Helios III is able to selectively destroy melanin deep inside the dermis to effectively treat severe pigmentation such as ABNOM 9 Acquired Bilateral Naevus- Of- Ota like Macule), freckles, and blemishes from trauma or acne without damaging tissues by shortening laser exposure on the skin. Laser toning is a simple procedure that results in skin rejuvenation, It evens out skin colour and brings out the brightness and fairness. It also stimulates fibroblasts that generate collagen, thus able to shrink pores and reduce wrinkles. Laser toning has no down time and patient can have the procedure and get back to whatever they are doing. Q& A How long is the procedure? The procedure takes about 15 minutes and you will feel light pricking sensation over the face. At the end of procedure, there may be a slight redness that will disappear over the day. Many many sessions do I need? Multiple sessions required about 2 to 4 weeks apart. What can I see after laser toning? There is brightness, glow and colour immediately. Subsequently the tone of the skin becomes lighter, with fairness of the whole face. How long does the effect last? The effect last for about 4 weeks. What is the post management after laser toning? It is recommended to wear sunscreen. Daily skin regime can be resumed the next day.
10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Laser Tattoo Removal 1. Set your expectations. Before you start the process, it's important to realize that no tattoo removal is guaranteed. Set expectations by speaking with a laser treatment expert—or three. Some tattoos only partially fade after several treatments and may leave a ghost image of your tattoo, 2. One treatment isn't going to do it. You probably realize this by now, but multiple treatments will be required. Unfortunately, the number of sessions isn't something that can be predetermined during your initial consultation. Be cautious of your technician giving you a standard six to 10 treatments answer. That number could be much higher. 3. Location of your tattoo. In most cases, location does matter. Fading is generally slower for tattoos located further down the arms or legs as they are further from the heart. The closer the tattoo is to the heart the better circulation, therefore better results. 4. Professional vs. amateur tattoos. The success of removal depends largely on the tattoo itself. The colors used and how deep the ink is embedded are two major considerations. Professional tattoos penetrate deeper into the skin at uniform levels, which can make it easier to treat. However, professional tattoos are also more saturated with ink, which is a significant challenge. Amateur tattoos are often applied with an uneven hand, which can make the removal challenging, but overall they are easier to remove. 5. Educate yourself on the different lasers. There are several options for tattoo removal with different laser wavelengths treating different colors. Laser tattoo technology has significantly improved in recent years, headlined by the q nd yag laser laser 6. What to expect after a treatment. There are a handful of symptoms you might see post-treatment, including blisters, swelling, raising of the tattoo, pinpoint bleeding, redness, and temporary darkening. These are common and usually subside within a couple weeks. As always, consult your doctor with concerns. 7. Be aware of potential side effects. The most common side effect is a darkening or lightening of the skin, known as either hyper-pigmentation or hypo-pigmentation. This usually corrects itself in 6 to 12 months after treatment. Scars (including keloid scarring) are also a potential risk, as well as infection, burns, and textural changes of the skin. 8. The darkening effect is real. Some of the ink used in cosmetic tattoos, including colors containing white ink, may darken (oxidize) immediately after treatment because of titanium dioxide. This can usually be corrected with further treatments. 9. There's a higher risk of hypo-pigmentation with tattoo removal on darker skin tones. People with darker skin can remove a tattoo with lasers, however, there is a higher risk of hypo-pigmentation because the laser may remove pigment from your skin along with pigment from your tattoo. 10. Ask questions and to see before and after photos. Laser tattoo removal is generally safe when performed by a qualified technician or doctor. During your consultation, don't be afraid to ask about all the potential side effects and risks based on your situation. You should always ask to see before and after pictures from other clients with similar skin types and tattoos. These steps will help you set realistic expectations. & in last be cautious of inferior grade lasers. trust renova skin & laser clinic with helios 3 laser best in class laser for tattoo removal.
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