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update image not found Cooltech vs Coolsculpting Posted on: December 13 , 2017 Cooltech vs Coolsculpting: when it comes to non-surgical body sculpting it’s important to know what methods are available, and what new technologies are emerging. Coolsculpting Coolsculpting is the original cryo-lipolysis by Zeltiq. Over recent years there have been new machines added to the market which works on fat freezing, these include Clatuu and Cooltech by Cocoon. The first fat freezing technology in jaipur was Coolsculpting. Cooltech Renova skin & laser clinic was among the first clinics to introduce Cooltech to jaipur, rajasthan & infact among 5 first in india. We chose this technology because we can deliver this to our clients at a more affordable price point. It has the added advantage of being able to treat two areas at once, and having several treatment heads capable of handling most body areas including double chin fat. Cooltech involves technology that freezes the fat cells under the skin. The frozen fat is then removed from the body naturally. Non Surgical Options for Treating Unwanted Fat in india At Renova skin clinic we give you choices to treat your unwanted fat. Depending on your assessment we can tailor your treatments for optimum results. CoolTech uses fat freezing for sculpting body. Can treat all areas including chin. TRIPOLLAR is a radiofrequency treatment for unwanted fat. It treats up to 6 times the area of CoolTech. Vanquish is used for tummy, love handles and inner & outer thigh Call us today on 9414027285 or send us a message to talk to our friendly body therapists or to book you a free assessment. We look forward to helping you work toward your body shaping goals. The Differences You Need to Know Between Coolsculpting and Cooltech Coolsculpting in Brisbane was introduced over 5 years ago. It revolutionised the non-surgical treatment of unwanted fat. While researching online, you may have come across Coolsculpting and Cooltech brand treatments and may be wondering about the difference between the two. Coolsculpting Developement Harvard scientists developed Coolsculpting around 2008. The technology works by targeting fat cells that won’t go away through diet and exercise. Its effectiveness is documented in many studies and journals. Coolsculpt devices have been used worldwide to treat fat cells without harming other tissues. CoolTech Introduced in 2016 All new technologies enjoy a monopoly on the market for some time. But, it does not take long before competitors jump in to offer alternatives. Cue Cooltech. Cooltech is the main competitor to Coolsculpting ALL OVER THE WORLD. It works with cryo-lipolysis the same as Coolsculpting, but with added benefits.this is an european technology. More Affordable: Cooltech offers fat freezing technology at a lower price. It is a non-invasive technology the same as Coolsculpting. However, Cocoon has been able to keep operating costs lower for their fat freezing, and we pass the savings on to you. Can be Applied to Multiple Areas: Body Areas Treated 1. Women common areas for fat freezing: stomach (upper and lower belly), inner & outer thighs and upper arms (tuckshop arms). Close after this is bra roll, love handles, waist and chin. We also treat the knees and back. 2. Men common areas for fat freezing: belly, love handles and chin. Other areas include chest (man boobs) and back. But we have addressed a wide variety of areas. We’ve been helping our clients treat unwanted body fat and save money.
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